07.05.2015 00:06

Today’s world is changing faster than ever, in the business sector as well as every other. This creates high expectations and puts immense pressure on companies to keep evolving. Many companies are transforming, feeling the need to re-define the basic pillars of their corporate strategy, culture, vision, organizational structure and company processes. They are thinking long and hard about their true values and thorny issues such as how to improve the relationships and atmosphere in the office or how to manage talent. They are innovators, always looking for new and better solutions to replace the old, worn-out ideas. Over and over again. However, these new ideas often do not lead to the profits expected or bring about meaningful systemic change. Often they simply mean short-term improvements and overly optimistic targets, starting a new spiral of cutting costs or chaotic reorganization that only serves to demotivate people and disrupt established practices.


Our experience in consulting has shown us that permanent systemic change, long-term sustainable growth and company profit can all be achieved, but it takes the right knowledge and especially the right tools with the potential to really make the change.


Owners and managers are fully aware of this, so they are always on the look-out for the right ideas and tools to weather their role as leaders and guide their companies and teams through the turbulent waters of today’s markets. It’s not enough any more to have the education, vision, intuition, common sense and your heart in the right place. Your experience, wisdom and maturity are becoming more important than the letters that come before or after your name. Intuition and common sense are incomplete without awareness and new competencies; your heart needs the fortitude to rely on your inner strength and the courage to stand by your decisions; your vision has to be in line with the company mission. Because that’s what it’s all about….


Our creative workshops demonstrate that the COMPANY MISSION, if properly implemented, really works  and highlights the company’s new internal resources, strong leaders, meaningful change and long-term profit. This is the central principle in the LIVING COMPANY systemic model and everything else in the company is derived from it. When we understand this principle, it adds new meaning to work, brings us happiness, and opens up our creative potential. Products and services bear greater value and usefulness, which customers perceive as well with increased demand and interest.

Leaders today can sense that their companies – as well as people themselves – conceal great hidden potential, but at present they do not know how to harness it properly and incorporate it into their company processes. And yet they are quite right in feeling that long-term progress has something to do with new values. You might also be holding meetings filled with words such as mission, vision, culture, potential, joy, meaning, cooperation, talents and balance.

In our consulting experience we have seen that these modern, but quite abstract, concepts are often poorly understood and poorly implemented in many companies. Not many people truly understand them and people do not apply them in their decision-making processes, since they are not sure how exactly these principles connect with their day-to-day work. Everyone interprets them in their own way, imbuing them with their own ideas and discussing them ad nauseam in meetings and training sessions. Because it’s still not quite working. And so sometimes these concepts end up only on bulletin boards, on the company website, in advertising campaigns – not in the essence of company management.


In our experience, women and the feminine principle  have an intuitive understanding of the significance and contents of these abstract concepts and values. Many companies are now trying to find ways to draw in this missing element and engage it in their businesses. They know that its presence adds stability and strength to the company through increased balance and cooperation. However, the pure feminine principle is not very compatible with the current corporate systems and structures, so companies first have to make room for it. Companies have to adapt their structures, systems and culture to welcome women and allow their unique energy to act and bring the business sphere what we are all looking for – more meaning, mission, love and joy.

Leaders face the new challenge of bringing their companies new resources, a sense of mission, the needed innovation, balance and higher values in order to create new best practices for future company processes, strategies and leadership.